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FAQs for Potential Members

Can an institution join GRC without being a member of AASCU?
Yes, GRC membership dues are separate from AASCU dues. However, AASCU members do receive a discount on GRC membership.

Can private institutions join GRC?
Yes, GRC membership is open to all four-year institutions.

Can two-year institutions join GRC?
Currently, GRC services are tailored to four-year institutions. However, membership is open to two-year institutions on a limited basis.

Does GRC offer trial memberships?
Yes, potential members can request a free month-long trial. Trial memberships provide access to GRC’s website and limited access to its personalized services.

Is membership open to individuals?
No, individuals cannot join GRC (or AASCU). Membership is typically coordinated through an institution’s sponsored research office.

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