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In this area you will have access to the GrantSearch database, a library of funded proposals, funding guides, archived funding webinars, the funding search request form, and the Faculty Alert registration form.

Funded Proposal Library

GRC obtains funded proposals regularly and provides them to members free of charge. The proposals listed here have come to GRC through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to federal agencies, from funders seeking to supply proposals that show best practices, or from successful principal investigators (PIs) or proposal writers. They are available through the Library for use only by GRC members. We are indebted to the grantees who have allowed us to post their proposals. Note that the proposal text is protected by copyright and may be used only for nonprofit educational purposes. If the funded proposal is used in a workshop, the PI and institution should not be identified unless permission is granted by the proposal writer in advance. The Proposal Library contents are not intended to be replicated at the campus level. Proposals in the Library are never intended to be posted publicly or shared with non-member campuses.

Prospective PIs should be encouraged to contact awardees personally. A dialogue with a successful PI can provide insight into the application process that is more beneficial than reviewing a cold copy of a funded proposal. GRC staff members are willing to locate and request funded proposals not found in the Proposal Library, and are adept at facilitating contact between funded PIs and prospective applicants from GRC member campuses.

Only proposal abstracts are accessible in the Proposal Library.  For a copy of the full proposal, to share a copy of a funded proposal from your institution, or to locate proposals not contained here, contact your institution's GRC program advisor.

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Database of 1600+ funding opportunities for Colleges & Universities. View GrantSearch

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Limited Submission

Find out which programs restrict the number of proposals or applications they will accept from an individual institution. View Limited Submission

Annual Deadlines

Find out which programs within the GrantSearch database have the same deadlines every year. This feature helps applicants prepare proposals well in advance, particularly for the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and other private foundations. View Annual Deadlines

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